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Play Off Tournament Sites Finalized

In 2016 the SCAHL will determine the North and South Conference Champions in each Division through a Play Off Tournament Format.  All teams in each Conference will participate in these Tournaments, which are scheduled March 3-6.

The Host Sites for the 2016 Play Off Tournaments are:
Pee Wee North - Central Alberta Selects, Lacombe
Pee Wee South - Lethbridge
Bantam North - Olds
Bantam South - Medicine Hat
Midget North - Bow Valley, Cochrane
Midget South - Wheatland, Strathmore

The winners of the Tournament will be Conference Champions, with the North winner facing the South winner in a best of 3 League Championship Play Off March 10-13.

The League Champion will receive an automatic berth in the Alberta AA Provincial Championships.

Posted on 01/23/2016

Conference Races Heat Up

With 7 weeks to go until the end of the SCAHL regular season, the races for top spot in each of the Conferences sees some very tight races, and a few teams who have separated from the pack.

Pee Wee AA
In the North Conference, Airdrie sits atop the standings with 42 points.  They are being pursued by West Central and Bow Valley.
The South Conference has also seen a dominant run to the top by Medicine Hat, who has 39 points.  Wheatland and Lethbridge White are their closest competitors.

Bantam AA
The South Conference has a tight 4 team race underway for top spot, with Cranbrook at 35 points, Taber at 34, Wheatland at 34 and Okotoks with 31.
In the North, the Central Alberta Selects have taken the lead with 34 points.  The pack chasing them most closely contains Bow Valley, Olds and Red Deer Ramada.

Midget AA
The Midget North Conference has 5 of it's 8 teams all within striking distance of the lead.  West Central leads the way with 35 points, followed by Okotoks Black and Red Deer Elks with 34, Olds at 33 and Red Deer Indy with 31 points.
The South is lead by Okotoks Green and Wheatland and their 28 points, with Taber sitting at 24.
Posted on 01/11/2016

SCAHL Play Off Structure

Play-off Structure 2015-16
Revised Nov 26, 2015

Following is the 2015-16 play-off structure and date guidelines.

The League Executive shall coordinate the League Play Off Tournament Schedule in coordination with the Host Site.

For the League Championship Play Offs the Division Governor is responsible for coordinating all play-off schedules with the respective teams, and in the case of any conflicts, the Division Governor may arbitrate, unconditionally.


Tie Breaker: In the event teams are tied for play-off position as of the final standings, the procedure for establishing seeding will be based on the following:
1st – best record head to head games
2nd – most wins
3rd – highest goal differential ratio in head to head games.
4th – highest goal differential ratio (total goals for over total goals against).

Round Robin Conference Tournament
The first stage of the play offs shall be a round robin Conference Tournament. These will include all teams in the Conference (North and South) and will be hosted in one site on March 3-6. (See Play Off Tournament Schedule following.) The North and South Tournament winners shall advance to the League Championship Play Offs.
In round robin play, tie games shall end at the end of regulation time. Each team shall receive 1 point in the Pool Standings.
In the event there are ties for spots in the Pool at the end of the round robin play, the tie shall be broken firstly by the Head to Head results. If still tied, the next breaker would be by the most wins. If a tie still exists, the team with the highest goal differential in head to head games would win the breaker. If a tie would still exist, the team with the highest goal differential ratio in total games would win the breaker.

League Championship Playoffs, March 10-13, shall be a Best of Three series, with the team with the highest point total in the regular season being the home team. Game 1 shall be at the higher seed, game 2 at the lower seed, with game 3 if required at the higher seed. Regular season rules apply, excepting that each game will be played until a winner is determined.
Overtime Rules: Overtime is sudden death – the first team to score wins. If game ends in tie, a 5-minute break will be given, and the game will resume with 10 minutes on the game clock.
If still tied after the initial 10-minute overtime period, the ice will be flooded and the second overtime period of 20 minutes will then commence.
This process will continue until a winner is decided.
No play-off game shall have a start time later than 8:30 p.m.

Governors will establish a draft schedule for the play-off games, and provide this to team managers in order for them to obtain icetimes. The governor will be responsible for the review and approval of the play-off schedule, and will notify the league statistician of the schedule for posting to the SCAHL website.

SCAHL Play Off Instructions 2015-16

Hockey Alberta has set the dates for the AA Provincial Tournaments to March 24-27 for Pee Wee and Midget, and March 17-20 for Bantam. League representatives to Provincials must be determined no later than March 13. Based on this, all Divisions would have the same schedule for the Post Season. In Bantam there is no week off between the League Championship and Provincials.

Conference Round Robin Play Off Tournaments – March 3-6

League Championship – March 10-13 – Best of 3 play off between North and South Tournament Winners. It will be a 1-1-1 playoff format, with the team with the most points in the regular season being the home team.

League Champion advances to Alberta AA Provincial Championships. This will be a 5 team Tournament, including the League Champions for the SCAHL, Hockey Calgary, Hockey Edmonton and the Northern Alberta Hockey League and a Host site team. Note that Cranbrook is not eligible to participate in Provincials, so a win in the League Championship would see the runner up attend Provincials.

League and Host Site Duties and Responsibilities

League Duties

•Appoint Host sites based on applications received.
•Finance the cost of ice for all tournament games.
o15 games at 2.5 hours = 37, 5 hours of ice, @ $180/hour = $6750.
15 games at $150 = $1875 for officials.
Total = $8625/tourney (there will be 2 of these in each Division).

•Finance the cost of on ice officials for all tournament games.
•Determine the seeding for the tournament pools.
•Apply tie breakers for seeding and tournament standings as required.
•Establish the tournament game schedule.
•Provide the Conference Championship banner.
•Manage all player and coach discipline for the tournament.

Host Site Duties

•Provide ice slots as per the tournament schedule. If ice cost is below the $180/hour budgeted the Host gets the difference to offset the time and effort in Hosting.
•Provide off ice officials for each game of the tournament.
•Provide announcers for each game of the tournament.
•Coordinate the booking of officials for the tournament in conjunction with local Referee Associations and the League.
•Appoint data entry personnel for game sheet entry into the SCAHL website.
•Appoint Tournament Coordinator who will insure gamesheets and ref reports are submitted to the Division Governor within an hour of the game completion.
•Make arrangements for hotels for the visiting teams as required and possible.
•Tournament sponsorships may be arranged to generate financial benefit for the Host, as well as 50/50 sales.

Posted on 01/07/2016